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The value of metaphysical services…

talent2This is a post dear to my heart, because it answers a dilemma than most energy healer, reader and intuitive struggled over at one point or another. I will post it as it was written by my dear friend Thea Strom, Psychic, Medium and Animal Communicator and teacher at Sacred Light Academy. The following clearly illustrate a latent infliction still existing for most of us. How do we get recognition and payment  for a service, consultation, healing  done at a level that addresses the core cause of many chronic issues, or disease.  The work we do takes place in the “invisible ( to most)  layers of the many bodies that we are made of.  Yes, we have many more bodies that the physical vessel we think is the whole that we are, and each of these work differently in different level of what some call the aura, but really is a complex electro-magnetic field.  Any how the object of this post is not a long explanation of the energetic anatomy of the human biofield, so I will leave you to your reading.

“Today someone left a comment on a class event that I will be teaching in a few days at Sacred Light  Academy (a 4-week psychic development class). She wrote: “Why do these things always cost so much? Everything I do psychically I do for free, it just seems right.”

I know that this is a common thought out there, that psychic/spiritual services and classes should be offered for free. I’ve heard it many times before (even in my own head), so I wanted to share my reply here for those who are interested, and for those who maybe are struggling with placing value on their own work, whatever that work is. What you do in the world, when you are doing your best, always has value, no matter what field it is in!
My reply:
Hi _____! (The following reply is probably a much longer response than you were wanting, but I appreciate the challenge to organize my thoughts around this).

I am so happy for you that you have the means to offer whatever psychic work you do for free! That is unfortunately not the case for everyone. For some people, such as myself, this is what we do for a living (which believe me, I feel very grateful to do, because it is my passion!), which means the money we make through the work we do is what pays our rent, food, bills, and to take care of our families (I have two children). If I were to take on a full-time job in the “real world” to pay those bills, I would have less time/energy to do the work that I have a gift for doing (I would probably have zero time/energy actually, seeing as I have two small kids too haha!), and that would not benefit anyone in the long run.

And believe me, the work that I do does take a lot of time and energy.
In addition to doing readings, doing healing sessions, and teaching classes/mentoring, I also spend a lot of time answering emails, doing my own book-keeping, writing all my own teaching materials, and doing quite a bit of preparation for all my classes and circles. Then let’s talk about all the energy it takes to do a great reading or healing session! I don’t know about you, but I can’t do more than three full-hour sessions a day before I am completely wiped out.
Oh, and all the time, effort, and money I have put in the past and still continue to do, to learn and hone my skills to be of the highest service I can be. I’ve used a lot of time studying, taking classes, and most of all practicing! And all that time, money, and effort has produced the things I can now offer to others.
Whenever you take a science class you are not just paying for that teacher’s time. You are also paying them for all their education, because that is what got them to that point of hopefully being able to teach you something. Or even think about when you take a tai-chi class. It shouldn’t be any different in the metaphysical arts.

Being a great psychic medium and animal communicator, for me, also means living a life that supports my work and keeps my work of the highest quality. This means I have an extensive spiritual practice that includes lots of meditation, and I choose certain dietary choices that support my work.

And let’s not forget just the simple logistics of offering classes and readings etc: room rent and any other fees such as website, meetup fees, etc etc.

I always try to keep open one or two spots of partial or full scholarship in my classes and circles for those who are having a hard time financially, if I am able to. I have been very blessed in my life with many generous teachers and mentors in all fields, and I try to pay it forward in this way, and by being generous with my time, knowledge, and support. I am always rooting for my students and clients.

I think this question that you ask (and feel free to correct me here) stems out of a belief that anything spiritual should always be offered for free because it is a gift from the divine . I personally think that most talents are gifts from the divine, yet we don’t have that same expectation from musicians, designers, mainstream teachers, leaders, chefs, farmers, etc etc.

Maybe this belief stems from our attachment to receiving something material in return for our money. Concepts, teachings, guidance, etc, we have a harder time valuing as much as we do our stuff.

Maybe this belief stems from some sort of nostalgia to ancient times when every village had a wise-person who offered their gifts to the rest of village. (Though I do believe in most cases it was still expected you offer a gift in return for their services, if you could afford to. Which when you think about it, is exactly the same system as today, except we use money instead of goods to pay for things directly.)

Actually, the more I think about it, I think this belief stems out of a deeper societal belief that anything spiritual should not be mixed with the material world – as if the two could ever be separate. We see this belief rife in many religions (and that is a topic covered by many scholars so I won’t even try to philosophize any more about that here). I personally believe that the spiritual and the material are intimately intertwined, and so maybe that’s why I have a harder time understanding why so many still carry this belief of money tainting anything spiritual.

I do believe that it is really none of my business as to why anyone charges what they charge for their services, be it readings, classes, or baked bread. I also know that I always have the choice to accept or decline an offering,.
In the end, it is always a personal choice whether one wants to offer one’s services for free or not, as “what is right” is always going to be very individual, and it might well shift, change, and evolve for a person. I wish you the best on your own journey with this and with your work, ____, and hopefully my reply answered your questions somewhat.
Thea <3 ”


I hope that helps many of you/us out there, who have or may be contemplating the same challenge.

Light, love and Power!  We are ONE,


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