Véronique Nelson, the founder of Sacred Light Academy, is an intuitive healer, teacher and counselor originally from France.  She is passionate about the process of spiritual awakening and and helping others find their true soul self. “It is in finding their true soul identity and through love and compassion that one can begin to truly change their life”.

Life long personal experiences and training in multiple energy modality, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing or Access Consciouness The Bars… has led her to expand herself as as a teacher, leading healing groups and classes, such as Soul Awakening and Activation Meditation. “It is an amazing thing to witness the transformation of others and see them unfold into their own purpose, path, gifts and abilities.” 

Véronique understands the changes that are taking place individually and on the collective level, guides you through an understanding of the energies at play, and how to maneuver through them with the most ease and grace. “Understanding and awareness are the first steps to moving forward and are essential for making new choices”.

As a healer, she specializes in healing the energy field and vibrational therapy, using tuning forks, higher guidance and light language to remove energy blockages, release trauma, shift habits or heal conditions.

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At Sacred Light Academy, you will find answers to your questions, a new understanding; and ultimately experience coming home to yourself.  You will know what it means to live a conscious life that is whole and joyful. Students will be inspired and strengthened through the collective wisdom of seeking a greater understanding of the spiritual meaning of life and be guided to empowerment.

So are you ready to turn up the volume of your Soul?

Join us and begin an inner journey that is sure to transform your life! Reclaim your freedom!