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Just a few morning ago, a post from a beloved Light Warrior didn’t sit right with me… and many others I am sure.  The claim that God/Source only speaks through ONLY one person, to my opinion, invalidates the whole idea of what/who God is.  In this day/dawn and/of a Golden Age, we are awakening to the fact that we are all ONE, one of the many expression of the God/Source, all connected and connected through ALL.

As we are working to become embodied masters on Earth, it is the God part of ourselves that we are becoming/birthing in this incarnation/in our physical bodies.  And so, with that God/Source speaks through all of his expressions.

I am not here to validate or invalidate anything but to share that Source, God (Father/Mother God, as in Source, Pure Essence, Creation, the Universe, however YOU may call “it” – I used here in my writing HE/HIM/HIS, as the words where spoken to me, from Source speaking to me… and Source has NO GENDER 😉 ) does speak through ALL OF US, shall we be willing and ready to hear.

God/Source speaks through the SACRED HEART* – our portal to higher realms of consciousness, that each of us can access, when we have done the inner work necessary to activate its opening. 

I hope that this inspires each of you to find your I AM / God Presence.

Much love to you all,


*For more information, check out Mastering Soul Embodiment – part 1. 

Photo Credit to Jenn Richardson with Unsplash.

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