A 4 Hour class – 10am-2pm – We will take a lunch break (potluck) around 12:30pm

Learn the mechanics of keeping your Energy Field CLEAR and PROTECTED.

To become formidable in your energetic management takes practice and persistence and this class is to help you understand the principles of how to maintain your energy field cleansed, cleared and protected. Are you an empath, or experienced psychic attacks, entities or parasites?

Learn about your energy field and the following:

  • Understand how your energy field (aka Aura) is being compromised or attacked everyday
  • Learn how you you can put yourself at risk but also how you affect your own energy field daily
  • Learn about the various form of invasive energy: such as energetic entities/implants/tags etc…
  • Gain tools that are proven HIGHLY effective to clear and protect your energy
  • Understand how and who to ask for help
  • Learn to feel your own field and how to fill your field with higher energy
  • BONUS: Gain karmic absolution
  • Experience a HEALING/Clearing through meditation

This course is a MUST in the present times and I will tell you why…

Fee: $150

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Anne E.

Anne E. Class Student

Lots of useful information! Veronique is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher!