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Lights on!

The past couple nights, I found myself hanging lights in the street of foreign cities.  I am used to my nightly travels across the world, Buthan, Madagascar, Indonesia but usually forget the reason for my travel upon the reentering of the third dimensional plane. I am happy to report that is changing. Lately, it has been easier to retain memories of my journeys and the messages they contain.

My last “official journey”  – about a month ago – took me to Japan, where I was asked to attend and participate in a healing.  I entered a room filled with healers holding their hands up to a man dressed in Red.  “The Healing of a Leader”… I joined in, but choose to use my own intuitive healing modality, cleansing this man’s energy field. I will never forget the profoundly deep ceremonial atmosphere of the room…  I felt honored to be there, to be a part of such a major event, taking place in a different space and that no one will ever hear about.  Oh, the mysterious ways of the Universe… hopefully soon revealed to all. 

North Korea Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapon to ‘Sink’ Japan

Anyhow, as I mentioned earlier the past couple of nights where filled with  various tasks and event, but upon waking up, I realized that tow night in a row, I was hanging lights in the dark city streets . What could it possibly mean… I had to find out, I had to know.  The first night I was hanging lights on an old maple tree, and it felt like an art project in a quiet streets… But the following night, was far more relevant, as I found myself in one of my favorite cities, Brussels, Belgium hanging lights in street blocked by large block of piled lifeless bodies. They seemed frozen, some were holding hands, others alone, their skins like frozen in place, reminiscent of what was found in Pompeii, but far more futuristic looking.  A strange scene, that kept me from going up further that street, I street I knew very well, a street I had lived on in my college years.  So, I turned around, unwilling to look at this sad scene and proceeded to hang another string of light.

No more darkness, no more hidden tyranny. It is time to turn on the lights and shed light on what has been hidden from us far too long.  We are free beings of light.

I am a starseed in service to Humanity, here to make a change, here to serve, heal, reconnect and teach.  My star family is with me, and at night, I get to be with them… I travel, fulfill my galactic missions and return to Earth to anchor the light and share that light with other, igniting one Soul at a time.

Much love and many blessings.

We are ONE, Light, Love and Power.


Photo by Luis Tosta

Note: I had to google the significance of the fact the leader was wearing a red garment. Here are some extract from research that I felt validated my experience. 
"According to Japanese folk belief, RED is the color for "expelling demons and illness.” "In Korea, Red symbolized authority, seeking good fortune 
and expelling evil spirits".

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