Mastering Soul Embodiment

A 4 Part Course: 10-4pm Saturday and 11-3pm Sunday

TEACHER: Véronique Nelson, Intuitive Healer and Master Teacher
FEE: a 4 MONTH COMMITMENT – $1200 ($300 per month) or $1000 if paid all at once.
REGISTER NOW! CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED!! See calendar for upcoming class.

The art of unification with your SoulSelf, while in a physical vessel, is a unique and new, never attempted before process, that only a few Ascended Master realized in their lifetime, and yet, then it meant ascending to higher level of consciousness (leaving the planet). Today, only a few have successfully allowed their higher self to embody in their vehicle vessel full time.
This course is for those that are dedicated to their ascension process, want to attain mastery of self, and access new level of consciousness while in a physical form, therefore stepping into the New Earth, ready for their New Mission. This course will help you heal, disconnect from the outdated 3D matrix, connect with Higher self and finally allow that connection to anchor permanently.

Please bring:

  • a journal
  • a pendulum if you have one, (we will provide you with one in you don’t) 
  • a blanket and a pillow for meditations
  • a personal items for the alter
  • a water bottle and a lunch
  • a positive attitude and a smiling confidence

What is mastering soul embodiment?

The purpose:

  • Do you want to better understand yourself during these changing times?
  • Do you want to develop skills and practices that will enable you to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth?
  • Are you ready to take your spiritual practice to the next level?
  • Are you ready to heal, grow, awaken and master your birth given right to be a sovereign being and the master of your creations?

The work:

This 4 part intensive work is for those that are ready and dedicated to ascend to higher states of consciousness. After years of combining educational material and personal experiences, I have come to understand that there are some fundamentals steps, graduation points, in the ascension process, from the onstage of awakening to the full embodiment of one’s Soul, the eternal part that has never left Source.

Part 1: Healing the emotional body

In order to ascend to the higher realms, we have to clear, cleanse and heal our lower bodies.  We will give a special focus on the emotional body, release karmic ties, review contracts, and develop a greater understanding of the role that emotions play in the planetary shift that we are undergoing. It is essential to heal the emotional body in order to move into the heart, as the heart is the gateway to the higher realms of consciousness where we can experience the purity of higher existence of love, sovereignty, and “ensoulment”.   Sacred Heart Activation.

Part 2: Disconnecting from the old matrix

As we continue our journey, we need to look at the mental aspect of what this shift means and the transformation that we are undergoing.  We will look into our genetic heritage and cosmic history and how it plays into our present journey.  We will address the necessary process of detaching ourselves from the old controlling matrix of duality.  Higher Mind Activation.

Part 3: The new template

Our focus is to activate the new template that will support or existence into the higher dimensional state of consciousness.   How does one anchor into the new crystalline grid of Unity of the New Earth and what it means on the physical aspect? We will work with our cells to activate dormant DNA and how to activate our fifth dimensional crystalline light body complete with a new energetic system.   5D Light Body Activation.

Part 4: Mastering the merger

This is the time when we focus on the unification process of our lower self with the higher self. We will explore ways to create a connection with higher beings of lights, understanding frequencies and how to align with them. We will talk about what it is means to be in sacred union with Self. Get to meet your ascension crew, your higher self and how to embody this aspects of self.    Reunification Activation

This is a very unique, intense and yet AMAZING journey that will allow life to support you fully with great ease and joy!

What Students are saying:

Rev. Linda Baker

Rev. Linda Baker Retired Minister

It is true that I have been on a spiritual path and aware of my journey from a very young age, living out my life as a traditional clergy. I’ve always held an expansive world view and know that there are many paths to the Divine, but never quite felt connected. I also believe that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Veronique’s Soul Embodiment class opened that door for me. She offers knowledge, guidance, and practicum for anyone wanting to go deeper to be soul not just have a soul. In a world of turmoil and uncertainty I came away with peace and clarity, consistently able to connect with my soul’s own true nature of love and compassion, and able to embrace concepts and ideas that frankly blew my 3-dimentional mind. For humanity to survive we all need more love not less as the higher frequencies of the new earth demand it. Thank You Veronique! Rev. Linda B

Ramilton Franco

Ramilton Franco License Massage Theraphist/Bowen Work Practitioner

"The soul mastering class series has greatly increased my awareness of my spiritual journey. Veronique’s knowledge of the subject, personal experience and clear guidance provided the right mix for me to seek deeper within myself and embrace my true self, and explore new possibilities of self-growth and higher conscious. The material was well put together with just the right amount of hands on practice to steer you on the right path. Veronique is a patient and caring teacher who encourages you to be open about your experiences and listen to your innate intuition and higher self guidance. I truly loved her guided meditations as part of the class and the wonderful energy that it creates. It was truly a blessing and I'd recommend it to people who are seeking a better understanding of who they truly are as a light being in this universe."

Izabella Mglej

Izabella Mglej Energy worker/healer

Fresh, enlivening, expanding and complementary addition to my "as needed" (nevertheless fairly regular) spiritual practice. Propelling me gently yet firmly into a next loop on on a spiral. Veronique is gentle, yet effective, loving, fun yet unassumingly powerful presence in my life. Each encounter with her brings about a shift in my awareness, one way or another. Either through opening up or exploring the closing off dynamic. There is a space for both. I am able to apply and expand on my current understanding, as needed. With a surprising simplicity, responding to Veroniques presence and guidance appears to create a seamless openings in an unfolding experience, without the fail modifying my relationship with life. The experience is always deeply humbling, magical and inviting to engage with life from or through the heart space. And there is nothing more vibrant and impactful. I used to wish I could bottle certain experiences up as they appeared very transient and rare. I didn't catch myself saying that lately. The gap gets narrower... My ability to self adjust is right here. Which if needed includes access to the tools Véronique provides for her students. When I use it it works. Her workshop "Mastering Soul Embodiment", is an effective blend of lectures, meditations, interactions and fun. I feel it enhanced my life in an unexpected way. And I am grateful. Looking forward to more learning through Veronique's events, and especially to her soon to be recorded meditations.