TEACHER: Lyn Birmingham

Course Studies

(*Student must complete the Basic Shamanic Technique course before registering for these courses)

  • Basic Shamanic Techniques (Core Course)
  • Working with Nature Spirits and Your Personal Spirit Helpers
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Clearing Intrusive Energy from Self and Space
  • Creating Shamanic Ceremonies
  • *Working with Your Ancestors
  • *Stalking Your Chi



(Students may register to workshops without any prior course)

  • Creating Your Own Divination System
  • Creating a Spirit House
  • Creating Your Own Medicine Shield
  • The Land Between / Being in Transition


Ceremonial Tools

  • Create Your Own Walking Stick
  • Create Your Own Drum
  • Create Your Own Sage Smudge Sticks and Fan
  • Create Your Own Gourd Rattle
  • Create Your Own Medicine Bags
  • Create Your Own Animal Totem
  • Create Your Own Dream Catcher
  • Create Your Own Rattle Handle
  • Create Your Own Natural Pacay Rattle

Courses start May 21, 2016. To register please call 503-693-9101