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Wine and Divine! What a night!

Intuition is the language of the Soul, and many souls were present last night to attend Wine and Divine.

As psychics, Priscila and I have developed the ability to translate that language into information and deliver the messages that are shared from the Soul/Higher Self of those that came to participate.  To answer questions, we tap into the energy of circumstance to access the wisdom that transcend conscious thought. In doing so, we also share the emotional energies of the situation and at times, of departed loved ones that came to deliver a message (through us), and we hope that it helps bring comfort to those that are grieving. It is a humbling experience and yet a reminder that we are eternal beings that transform into a higher frequency of life.

Of course, as a healer, I use intuitive reading to identify and release blocked energy, past trauma, tap into past lives or current issues, and activate the highest life potential for my clients.  Reading for someone means accessing the information contained in their field, in order to help them process, release and transmute trapped or distorted energies in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Contrary to the common belief, a good intuitive reader is not about reading into the future, but rather to read a person’s individual energy to help provide clarity on life choices, purpose or cycles. Remember, we all have access to greater wisdom, contained both in our DNA but also in the very fabric of the Source of life.  Accessing is something that you can learn to develop with the right guidance and practice.

I am honored to be able to bring that information for those that are still needing to learn, and always available to those that wish to learn. Check out my classes (in the link above or via the calendar) and be sure to check it often as we are always adding new classes.

In closing I want to give a big thank you to Holly and Jim for their kind hospitality.   A Blooming Hill Vineyard and Winery is one my favorite place, and definitely worth a visit. Nestled in in green hills, with magnificent views, a glass of their white blend “mingle” in hand it was the perfect decor for our event.

A big thank you to my co-host and friend Priscila De Macedo, Psychic Intuitive, for her enthusiasm, friendship and talent, and of course to all who attended and participated.  We had so much fun giving intuitive answers to your questions and were honored by your trust. Mostly we enjoyed meeting you all!

Look for our next event and make sure to attend!

Cheers and blessings to you all.

Véronique Nelson
Intuitive Healer and Master Teacher

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