A 2 hour workshop – $44

However, we live in a FREE WILL Universe, and we have to reclaim our Sovereignty, power and birthrights.  

We also live in a false matrix that has been corrupted and where our free will has been manipulated against our conscious awareness where our silent has become a passive agreement to rules and programs that are only designed to keep us in slavery and in separation from our Divine power, abilities, full consciousness and union with our Higher Self.

Writing our Declaration of Freedom allows the return of our freedom, memory, abilities, knowledge, and protection from darkness as we use the Universal Laws in existence to use our Free Will rights to cease all control and manipulation of our own free will.

“Who is silent consents!” So let us be loud and be heard!

Let’s reclaim that power together as we explore how to write our declaration of freedom and our right to choose our life experience through JOY and PROSPERITY!


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